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How to Break Free from Imposter Syndrome

You've just put the checkmark next to something you've been working on for a WHILE.

People are seeing your progress and your accomplishments, and they're saying, "Wow! Congratulations! You're really doing a lot!"

And your auto-response is something like,

"Oh, I had so much help..."

"I'm just got lucky."

"It's really not a big deal."

You, my friend, are in the depths of Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter Syndrome is believing that your success isn't deserved or earned and that people are going to discover you're a "fraud."

You think you're NOT as good as you "pretend" you are, and everyone's going to figure out your dirty little secret.

This is a super common issue for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) because we tend to have pretty high standards for ourselves and to compare ourselves to people who are WAY further ahead than we are.

You see the potential ideal outcome, and anything less than that feels like, "just good enough."

You're convinced you're not as successful as other people see you, and you push away compliments, acknowledgements, and validation of your legitimate efforts and hard work.


This causes a lot of emotional pain and suffering trying to live up to an ideal that only exists in your head...

...and tends to move around on you, making it hard to ever reach.

This triggers anxiety, many iterations of fear, and sadness - among other uncomfortable emotions!

The good news is, you can break free of Imposter Syndrome and live your life authentically, creatively, and yes, proudly.

You've created a habit of:

  • glossing over your achievements

  • moving onto the next thing without celebrating your wins

  • trying to be humble over loving and accepting yourself

And if you've created a habit that doesn't work for you,

you can create a habit that serves you much better.

You can learn to:

  • soak in accomplishments

  • experience fulfillment from efforts well-done

  • choose a new path of truly owning who you are and what you're creating in the world

Talk about using your Highly Sensitive superpowers for good!

I used to have a SERIOUS case of Imposter Syndrome, and it still pops up regularly like an annoying, red notification dot when you get a new app.

However, I've learned how to see those thoughts for what they are - just my brain being a brain. NOT the truth.

Which is why I'm dropping a few masks in this week's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club, and sharing some real-life, behind-the-scenes info only my closest people know.

Check out this week's episode to learn:

  • 5 common masks HSPs tend to wear that fuel Imposter Syndrome - which one(s) do you put on regularly?

  • a simple 3-step process to break out of Imposter Syndrome - that works at every skill level.

  • some real-talk, behind-the-scenes stuff about me and my business I haven't shared anywhere before.

You might think that being humble or perfect is the ideal, but that's not true.

We Highly Sensitive People crave depth, emotional fortitude, and genuine connection with others.

Claiming your true contribution and owning your gifts and strengths actually brings you closer to others.

You aren't leaning on others to build you up or make you feel worthwhile because you're taking care of your own emotional needs.

Loving and accepting your full self, flaws and gifts alike, builds mutual, vulnerable relationships with the people you choose to let in.

You can love and accept yourself and who you're being in your life.

It starts by breaking free of your Imposter Syndrome.

Big, warm vibes your way -


P.S. Is Imposter Syndrome really creating stress and anxiety in your relationships, your work, and/or your health?

I am SO here to teach you how to claim your unique gifts and strengths and to support you on your journey.

Book a free call to get super clear on what's standing in your way and if I'm the right person to help you move forward in the direction you want to go.

You'll feel more certain and sure of your next steps, whether you decide to work with me or not.

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