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Hi, I'm Steph!

Certified Life Coach & Highly Sensitive Person

Who I Am

Hi there! I'm Steph, and I help highly sensitive people (HSP) to turn their life from “pretty good” and “fine” to full-on MAGIC.

If you’re managing your high sensitivity well (paying the bills, doing things you enjoy, feeling neutral or positive most of the time), but you know there’s something bigger out there for you, I can help you build a life that balances your sensitivity – and even uses it as a superpower!

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Are You a HSP?

Are you someone who experiences big emotions, intense thoughts, and are very particular about everything around you?


Do you (metaphorically) see the world in vibrant color and gorgeous detail - sometimes so bright it hurts? 


You’re likely a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), someone with a genetic trait that makes your nervous system and mind more sensitive than average. It's not a condition, and it doesn’t develop over time or go away.


It's part of who you are.

Why get Coaching for High Sensitivity?

As an HSP, you’ve probably felt like the “weirdo” or the “black sheep,” following your own path at your own pace - even when it’s the opposite of what your friends and family have done.

You’ve learned how to cope with this aspect of yourself that makes you empathetic, insightful, and full of life – sometimes at the cost of your own energy and time.

But! You may have never met someone who’s not only dealing with this trait but straight up THRIVING with it.

If that’s you, prepare for your mind to be blown.

I (like you) am a life-long learner, meaning-maker, and magic-chaser. I march to the beat of my own drum, and I’ve been tailoring my life for years around doing work I love, building incredible relationships, and constantly growing and experiencing the best of what life has to offer.

When you work with me, you not only get a highly trained coach who's spent hundreds of hours helping dozens of clients learn to see their high sensitivity as a strength, but you also get someone who intimately knows exactly how challenging and enlightening high sensitivity can be.

Even when you don’t see it for yourself, I believe in your ability to grow, improve, and create a BIG, beautiful life as an HSP - because I've done it, and so have my clients.


How Does
Coaching Work?

Coaching isn't a one-and-done process. It takes some time to unravel the tricky thoughts and obstacles that we have learned to take for granted, turn them around, and form new rules and habits.

I work with clients in 10-session packages where you pick a goal and we work together weekly to address what’s getting in your way, create new habits, and check in with consistent accountability so you're making steady progress.

We have 45-minute sessions on video or phone call from the comfort of your home, car, conference room, or even on a walk - whatever you like!

We sign off for the session, and then you can do extra processing or go about your day immediately - no travel necessary.

What to Do Next

The process is easy peasy.

1. Book your complimentary consultation call with me. No need to prepare - I'll ask you everything you need to know to get clarity and sample a coaching session.

2. Sign up for a package.

3. Start seeing results in your life

  • Wake up excited for your day ahead

  • More presence with your loved ones and furry friends

  • A schedule that you look forward to - perfectly designed with activities you love and plenty of downtime in between

  • Feeling like your life is balanced - you move easily between work, leisure, quality time with your peeps, and fun activities without guilt or overwhelm

Sound like something you want? Book your consultation and let's start making your highly sensitive life the magical adventure you dream of.

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