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Day 6.5 - What to Do When You "Just Don't Want To"

So, I missed day 6 again.

And to be totally honest, I chose to skip day 6.

Not because of this great insight I'm about to share.

But because my thoughts were screaming "I JUST DON'T WANT TO!"

I had a serious case of the "eff-it"s.

I'm sure you can relate.

There are just days when we really don't feel like it.

You have two options when a case of the "eff-it"s hits:

1) F*uck it. Just walk away and don't follow through.

2) Do it anyway, even though you don't feel like it, you don't want to, and you just want to chuck your [insert inanimate object that symbolizes what you're annoyed about here].

What to do if you decide to f*ck it and blow off your action / process goal.

Don't beat yourself up.

It can be really tempted now to berate ourselves in our head because we think being "tough" on ourselves will move us into action.

Total falacy! This is not true.

Being "tough" on ourselves more often than not means being mean, condescending, scolding, nagging, or downright shaming of ourselves.

And what do we do when we get punished for something?

We AVOID that situation at all costs.

Better not to try and fail (and get YELLED at in our own mind) then to not try at all.

Give yourself grace because this is normal and it happens.

This is part of the process.

Congratulations! You've crossed your first milestone in change yourself - reverting back to old ways / taking a step back.

This is a rite of passage when you're making a new habit or changing your life.

You're GOING to regress on occasion, especially in the beginning of your journey.

Don't give up.

Don't be mean to yourself.

Forgive yourself and MOVE ON WITH YOUR GOAL.

A setback doesn't mean you've failed.

You're life isn't a pass/fail test.

It doesn't even mean you've made a mistake if you learn from what happened.

Why did I say "eff it" yesterday?

Because I wasn't giving myself much time to stop, breathe, take a break, and regroup.

So of COURSE I ignored a hard thing.

That's normal.

Now I'm hopping back in as though that day never happened.

And in the grand scheme of the number of total days I'm going to have writing? (Hopefully in the thousands!), a day is nothing.

Here what to do if you're going to follow through anyway.

Try the lowest bar to complete the task.

Doing 5 push-ups instead of 50 still counts

AND, it's WAY better than not doing any at all.

Do the minimum option to just get-er-done, and you're golden.

Those days when you're maintaining or dare I say, Resisting, your new habit are important days for keeping your momentum going.

They're SUPPORT days for the other days when you see progress.

No effort is ever wasted.

Learn and grow and move on.

Day 6.5 complete.

See you soon,



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