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4 Ways to Recharge as a Highly Sensitive Person

Hey there, Highly Sensitive Person!

This might go against the grain for this time of year (a time for goal-setting and accomplishment and motivation!), but I want to challenge you with a new goal.

I want you to set a goal to have more fun, more rest, or more breaks during your day or your week.

As Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), we use a lot of energy just going through our day-to-day.

Our nervous systems are more sensitive than average, we process a TON of info every day, and we tend to focus on quality over quantity.

That means we HSPs NEED more rest, recharge, and downtime to keep being our empathetic, thoughtful selves.

Watch today's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club to learn:

  1. Why HSPs in particular need more downtime

  2. 3 benefits to your work by taking time off

  3. 4 ways to recharge so you can get as much energy back as possible every day

Once you watch / listen to the episode, leave a comment below. I'd love to hear which type of recharge you're focusing on and what your favorite recharging activities are.

Big, warm vibes -


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