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Day 10.5 - Living with No Regrts

See what I did with that title?

I crack myself up.

Back to achieving your goals!

Last time I talked about this, I encouraged you to try the Day in the Life exercise.

I learned that one from the great Jen Sincero, and her books made it hilarious and accessible - in case you're looking for more reading material.

Now, I love self-development, and I've been interested in goals for a LONG time.

Mostly because I was afraid to make them or even make decisions about what I wanted for a very long time.

Teach what you most need to learn, right?

Well, I've done all of these exercises at least once, and I get fresh insights every single time.

Still on step 1: setting your goals, the idea here is to get a clear picture of the OUTCOME you want.

We're doing a lot of visioning to help you imagine what you want in your life, and then we'll turn those gold nuggets into beautiful gold chains of habits and actions.

This one is from Donald Miller, a huge passive mentor for me and a really cool person to listen to. His book "Hero on a Mission" outlines how to pick a direction in your life and start steering that way.

The main exercise he recommends is writing your obituary.

You might think this is morbid, but how many times have you heard about the top regrets people have when they're on their deathbed looking back?

No regrets, baby!

And writing your obituary now, at whatever stage of life you're in, lets you skip to the end of the book so you can decide how you want to fill in all the pages leading up to it.

Write your obituary as though you reached your ideal oldest age and you've lived a meaningful and satisfying life - whatever that looks like for you.

Do you have descendants or did you touch a lot of lives with your work?

Did you build an organization, contribute to a cause, or help the world in some way you're proud of?

Who do you want to mourn you?

What were your passions in life?

What were you known for?

How did you make people feel?

What did you accomplish?

This can be as long as you want, but I recommend at least a page.

What insights came up?

What areas of your life do you want to start prioritizing?

Is there anything you wrote that you want to start doing?

Day 10 complete.

See you soon.

Warmest vibes,


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