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Day 11.5 - How to Set a Goal

Here we go - the juicy part!

If you've read and followed along with the exercises from the previous days, you'll have imagined a Day in your ideal Life and written your obituary from a full and meaningful life.

Now here's where the actual goal-setting comes in.

Pick 1-2 things you want to focus on right now and decide on the OUTCOME you want to have happen.

Do you want to:

  • Write a book?

  • Lose weight?

  • Swedish Death Clean?

  • Learn about finances?

  • Travel the world?

  • Finally get your photos in order?

  • Find your life partner?

  • Have kids?

  • Get a dog?

Whatever it is from your visions that you want to start working on, pick that and then decide:

  1. When do you want to have this outcome by? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years? 10? Next week?

  2. How will you know you've achieved it? What's the finish line?

  3. How old will you be? How old will your loved ones be?

  4. Who will keep you accountable?

  5. Who will cheer you on?

  6. What are the important milestones along the way?

  7. How will you celebrate?

  8. What could get in the way?

  9. Do you need help to achieve this result?

Flesh out your goal in detail with a deadline, the major players, and the challenges you can anticipate.

Here's an example:

I had a goal last year to make $11,000 in 11 weeks in business revenue.

$1000 a week may not be a lot to you or it could be a HUGE amount.

For me, it was a challenge, but it felt doable.

I worked every week for the first 7 weeks, pushing and selling, and working, and getting creative.

Then I stalled at about week 8 and felt tapped out creatively and energetically.

But you know what?

I still made $8000.

That's about $1500 more than I would have if I'd just been coasting and going through the motions.

By setting my goal with a date, milestones at every thousand dollars, and a ton of ideas on how to find people, I reached further than I ever did when I was going through the motions.

The reason I failed is because I didn't have a clear picture of steps 2 and 3: mindset and process goals.

So, have your Outcome / Result goal in mind? Good!

On to day 12.

Day 11 complete.

See you soon.

Warmest vibes,


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