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Day 12 - The Secret Ingredient to Actually Get What You Want

5th blog post in a night. Phew! Losing a little steam, but my effort will carry me through.

I just need to be here a little bit longer.

So now you know how to make a vision - yay, if you haven't dreamed in a long time!

You imagined yourself in your perfect day and how you want your life to have gone when it ends.

You took those north stars and picked a direction for your goal, your compass.

You have a timeframe, a clear picture of what you want, who can help, and what you can expect to face down.

Now here's the secret sauce to actually get what you want.

Elegantly Simple: Change your thoughts

This might seem cliche, obvious, or impossible, but let me tell you, it's crucial and absolutely doable.

Haven't you ever changed your mind about something?

Normally that happens when someone convinces us or persuades us to feel differently, but the amazing thing about being a person is that you can choose to change your OWN mind at any time.

You have the POWUH!

Now, I'm going to go into all the different mindset things over the next few days, but let's start with this.

If you don't get your brain on board with your heart and your muscles, no amount of willpower and focus will help you make LASTING, permanent change.

Have you ever followed a set of rules only to fall back on old habits as soon as the rules stop or you're back in an old environment?

Yeah, it's easy when you're relying on someone else to tell you what to do, but what happens when something inevitably happens in your life that no one told you specifically how to handle?

You have to decide for yourself, and you have to create your own, powerful rules to get you where you want to go.

Here's my example:

For decades, I've identified as a sugar addict.

It was legit true. If there was a sweet anywhere in my line of sight, my eyes would inevitably travel there every few moments, and I would think about how much I wanted to eat that treat, whether it was someone else's, or I was full, or I had to buy it, etc.

It felt compulsive. I had a rule that when there's something sweet around, I want it. That's just who I am."

As I started to understand that sugar was masking and EXACERBATING my anxieties and mood swings like gasoline on a flame, I finally got that I needed a new rule.

"I WANT that." just wasn't serving me anymore.

So I went straight for the jugular (of my addiction) and decided to create a new IDENTITY for myself.

Not just a nice, positive affirmation, but one of those core thoughts you imagine coming from Oprah or Beyonce.

I'm the type of person who shows up for myself, and I can handle any urge, discomfort, or fear that comes my way.

This is my thought now.

I'm the type of person who has more fulfilling things in my life than food.

Can you feel that coming from my gut?

That's a deep, intense thought in my psyche.

"I hope I can do this," or "I'm just going to try it out" while underneath that you're also thinking, "I always fail at my goals," "Who am I kidding?" and "But what if I just WANT it?" - that's not going to get you anywhere except back to the couch, watching Disney+ and ordering GrubHub tacos.

Achieving what you want means integrating your intentions, your habits, and your heart to make it happen.

And the glue to all of those is your thoughts.

Stay tuned for how to change those pesky concerns and complaints into powerful mantras.

Day 12 complete.

See you tomorrow.

Warm, warm vibes,


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