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Day 3.5 - Getting Back in the Saddle After My First Slip

You may notice that Day 3 is actually on January 4.

Yep, I missed a day already.

Funny to think it happened so early, but I'm sure you can relate.

We think we've got it all under control until we realized we've missed our commitment.

So here's what got in the way of me posting on time:

1) I didn't put it on my calendar.

If it's not scheduled, it doesn't exist.

2) I thought I would remember to do it in between appointments.

3) I went about the rest of my day and completely forgot about it.

Here's what I'm not going to do.

1) Say the whole thing is ruined and just give up.

My 31-day challenge is still happening. I just slipped up. It happens.

"Messing up" is actually a part of the process.

This doesn't mean I'm not longer a Communicator or that I've failed the whole challenge.

It means I'm getting back in the saddle and continuing on.

It really is that simple.

I've lowered the bar to make this happen so there's hardly any friction to just do it.

Here I go, continuing writing even though it's not perfect.


2) Make that same mistake again

My writing challenge is now in my calendar for first thing in the morning.


3) Beat myself up

It is SO easy to say I just didn't do enough, I should have remembered, I've ruined the challenge now.

Notice the slight whine on those words I italicized.

No way, mama!

I missed a day. No big deal.

I'm writing today.

My challenge continues.

I'm still the type of person who shows up and communicates.

Day 3.5 done.

See you in a few.



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