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Day 4 - How to Plan for Your Goals

I've been thinking about that very first article 3 days ago.

The one about achieving your goals.

And I wrote out the order as

1) Choose your goal(s)

2) Shift your mindset

3) Take action

And I'm going back on that a little bit now.

That's the beauty of testing it out. I wrote it and realized I want to tweak it.

Here I go, making an adjustment.

A better order is:

1) Choose your desired outcome / result

2) Plan your process goals / steps

3) Shift your mindset

Here's why I'm adjusting the order.

We ALL love to rush into action.

If you're on this website, you're likely a worker, a doer, a get-er-done-er.

You're USED to taking care of things and seeing results.

Here's why that often doesn't work when you're trying to do something new.

When we rush in to do something, it's probably something we're comfortable with, that we've done a number of times, and it feels automatic.

Rerouting the outerbelt of your brain away from the exits you always take (eating the junk food, doom-scrolling, leaving clutter around, watching Netflix) to the exits you want to take (eating healthy foods, doing a hobby away from the phone, tidying up, going to the gym) means building new highways.

When you jump in and do the same old actions, you're going to get the same old result because you're still stuck on the same old outerbelt, driving around in circles.

Now that I've challenged myself to make a new road into writing every day, even if it's messy and informal, I'm going through totally new actions and steps to make it happen.

And how am I doing that?

Picking my outcome goal: Write every day in January

Picking my process goal: Sit down at the computer and blog for 30 minutes or less each day

And adjusting my mindset: I am a Communicator. I show up to communicate, even when it's messy and hard and not as polished as I think it should be. I can handle messy to achieve my goal.

Once you've decided on your outcome, your process, and started to shift your mind, that's when the construction workers in your brain REALLY get to work building your new super highway to your new habit.

THAT'S when you take action - not from your old habits and highways but from your new blueprints for your new highway.

Day 4 complete.

See you tomorrow.



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