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Day 5 - Doing Your "Reps" When Building a New Habit

It's day 5 today, and I am STRUGGLING!

I just had 3 hours of coaching, and I didn't want to suss out whether to delve into goals or mindset or weightloss shifts, etc.

So, today's article is about showing up, especially when you don't want to.

James Clear says in his book, "Atomic Habits" that it's not about the quality of the habit, it's about the quantity of the habit that determines whether it sticks or not.

For instance, doing 10 perfect push ups one day and never doing them again isn't going to form a new exercise habit.

Doing one push-up, once a day, for 100 days is much more likely to form a habit.

We can get VERY caught up in all the noise about trying to make our habit "the best," to find the "right" way to do it, and to optimize our habit. Immediately.

We often get into the trap of thinking that we have to figure out the perfect method before we get started.

There is no perfect method.

Which is why many of us never start things.

The key is to do something, even a little bit, many times over a long stretch of time.

Hence, why I'm showing up again today, a little brain-fried, still working on my habit.

I now have 4 days out of 5 of doing a habit consistently - and I still made up for the missing day.

That's doing your reps.

How can you show up in a little way but very consistently to build the habit you're going for right now?

Day 5 complete.

See you tomorrow.



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