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Day 7 - Why You Don't Let Yourself Dream Anymore (and What to Do about It)

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A lot of us have forgotten how to dream.

If someone asks us, "What do you really want for you life?" most of us get a blank stare and quickly spout off, "I (even) don't know..."

Somewhere along the lines, we forgot how to dream.

We forgot how to envision a different future for ourselves.

Brooke Castillo says in her Stop Overeating course that "we've trained ourselves that if we can't satisfy an urge immediately, it's not worth wanting at all."

Does that bring up anything for you? Cause it sure does for me!

It makes me feel SO sad, disappointed, and shocked that I see a part of her words in myself.

When I started to believe that I couldn't have things, whether that's right now or at any time in my life, it felt safer not to even think about goals and dreams.

If I made them real, what if they never happened??

I'd be sad, disappointed, and hurt.

I just had an "aha" moment while writing this.

I feel the same emotions whether I dream and don't get what I want or whether I don't dream at all.

If you can dream and, with effort, GET what you want, how does THAT feel?

Hopeful! Inspiring! Determined!


If you're going to be sad, disappointed, hurt, guilty, shameful, or whatever uncomfortable things come up for you, why not feel them while taking a chance on something that could be REALLY amazing and great!

You'll at least feel good about the effort you're putting in to SHOW UP for yourself.

And you'll at least get closer to your dreams than you thought.

Now here's what you do, just to get started.

(And don't worry, I've got more tools and exercises to try if you love this so much you want more.)

Imagine a day in your perfect life as though you've woken up and are living it right now.

Where do you wake up?

Do you wake up with someone? Who?

How do you feel - physically, mentally, emotionally?

What do you sense around you? (Details about all 5 senses are a HUGE help here).

How do you start your day?

Do you do the same thing every day, or is this a particular day in a week of different days?

What activities are you looking forward to doing today?

Where will you go - if you go anywhere at all?

Who will you interact with today?

What are you looking forward to?

What are you proud of?

What thoughts are coming up as you live in your ideal day?

What advice would that version of you give yourself right now?

This is an eye-opener!

Give yourself some time to really live into this.

And pro tip from Jen Sincero - when you think you're done? Write a little more.

You'll be surprised what comes up.

Day 7 complete.

See you tomorrow.



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