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How to Overcome Overthinking

Hi there, Highly Sensitive Person!

You know those times when you send an assertive text or an email and hours go by without a response...

You start to wonder things like, "Oh no, are they mad? Did that come off wrong? Should I try to explain in another text??"

Maybe you go ahead and send that second message... and still don't get a response.

Then your brain REALLY gets cooking.

You start thinking of other word choices you could have and should have picked instead.

You compose your apology message, then a defensive message about how rude it is not to respond, then you try for super chill and calm.

When the other person finally responds with something like, "Sounds great. See you tomorrow!" you start to feel a little foolish, no?

When loops like this happen, you're caught in overthinking, my friend.

It happens to all of us Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) at times.

We're highly empathetic and care about what others are thinking and feeling.

It's easy to put our high-powered processors (our highly sensitive brains) to use trying to anticipate and right any possible wrong that could come our way.

Anytime you're caught in worry loops, ruminating on the past, or shadow-boxing a conflict that hasn't happened yet (and may NEVER happen), you're overthinking.

Being prepared and problem-solving isn't a bad thing.

But turning everything into a crisis in your mind and using your precious attention and time on imagined disagreements is a guaranteed energy-suck.

Which is why in this week's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club I give you the tools to:

  • Spot the common ways overthinking shows up for HSPs like us and how it gets in our way in particular.

  • 4 techniques to break yourself out of overthinking and move forward, whether you do all four in order or as needed.

  • Reclaim several hours of your time every week from worrying and looping to making progress with confidence.

I face this challenge every single day too, so I'm very familiar with how to get out of the cycle and back into action.

Whether it's delivering feedback to a mentee, wondering how a client's handling their current challenge, or simply deciding what kind of tea to drink in the morning, coming back to the 4 techniques in this episode helps me recenter every time.

And I know they'll help you too.

Big, warm vibes your way -


P.S. Want help to stop overthinking all the time? I've got you, babe!

Book a free call to figure out what your biggest block is with overthinking (decision-making? personalizing?) and your personal roadmap to get through it so you can live your life the way you WANT, not on default.

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