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How to Overcome Perfectionism

Updated: Feb 28

Hey there, Highly Sensitive Person!

Today's episode is near and dear to my heart because I just uncovered a new insight about how perfectionism was showing up in my life in a sneaky way.

For many Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), perfectionism keeps us stuck and stressed because we think it's helping us meet our high standards.

Turns out, moving through perfectionism is usually what helps us create the high quality work we pride ourselves on, not going for "perfect."

In this week's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club, you'll learn:

  • Sneaky words you might be using in place of "perfect"

  • 4 signs perfectionism might be in play in your life

  • 8 different emotions that hold us back as a result of perfectionism

  • and the 3 keys steps to get yourself out of the perfectionism trap and into progress.

Want to know if you're getting stuck by perfectionism or another common HSP trap? I've got you.

Book a free High Sensitivity Assessment Call to figure out where you are with your sensitivity and what blocks are getting in the way of what you want so you have a personal blueprint on how to make progress.

I can't wait to help you start reclaiming your time, making more money, and building joyful habits.

Big, warm vibes -


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