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How to Stop Procrastinating

Hey there, Highly Sensitive Person!

Are you in a bit of a "funk" right now?

If so, you're not alone. A lot of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) I've talked to lately are feeling tired and unmotivated.

The weather's pretty gloomy in the northern hemisphere, February is often a time when people are feeling guilty about dropping New Year's resolutions, and oh yeah, inflation and tighter economic circumstances.

You know, all that good stuff.

But I want you to know there's hope!

I also have HSP friends (and clients!) who have recently gotten promotions, raises, new jobs, and new clients.

My clients and mentees are still making progress on their goals and learning new skills, and I'm so freaking proud of their actions!

And you know I'm always improving and looking for new ways to up my game in my personal life and in my coaching business.

That's why I want to call you in (to your inner wisdom) on a habit you might have right now that's stopping you from getting the really important stuff done in your life.

And no, it's not perfectionism (though Perfectionism is besties with this other common HSP issue).

It's the habit of Procrastinating!

Anything you're doing to avoid or distract yourself from what's really important is procrastinating.

Procrasti-cleaning, procrasti-learning, procrasti-researching, and all the other forms of procrastination.

I know you want to be the capable, resilient person you have inside you who makes progress, even if it's in baby steps over time.

You don't have to feel guilty and overwhelmed!

You can find your inner confidence and focus at any time.

Which is why in this week's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club you'll learn:

  • how to get things done efficiently and confidently (so you can read that book, take that yoga class, or just binge some Netflix without guilt and self-judgement)

  • a simple 4-step process to get out of the habit of procrastinating so you can make real progress on your most important dreams

  • how to keep your momentum going, no matter what your job, your friends, or the economy is up to!

You can turn your chronic procrastinating around today.

Yes, you, even if you've had this habit for years.

You deserve to use your time, energy, and attention (our most precious resources as HSPs!) to your benefit, not at your own detriment.

Here's to dropping your identity as a Procrastinator and building a new identity as a Progress-Maker,

<3 Steph

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