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The New Way to Learn

Hey there, Highly Sensitive Person!

Have you ever tried something new and thought, "Will someone just tell me how to do this already??"

Many of us were taught that there's a right and wrong way to learn.

We're taught that the right way to learn is:

  1. Someone tells you what you need to know

  2. You repeat it back to them

  3. If you repeat it back poorly, you fail and then they move onto the next lesson

  4. If you repeat it back well enough, you get approval and good grades and free cookies from the local bakery when you bring your report card in.

  5. Rinse and repeat

I think it's up for debate whether memorization, experiential, or a hybrid style of learning is best, but I can tell you that this method doesn't work well when you're trying to do something new in your life that no one around you has ever done before.

Because there are things in life that you simply have to figure out for yourself.

And the beauty is, the way that you do it, my dear Highly Sensitive Person, is going to be WAY more amazing in your life than anything someone else told you.

You don't need an answer key to figure things out.

You have the answers within you if you're willing to get creative, make mistakes, and keep trying.

A simple shift in the way you think about learning could be enough to completely change how you show up to your life.

To help you do that, I give you the simple shift that can open up a world of possibilities for you in this week's episode of The Highly Sensitive Club.

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No bullet points this week.

Just a genuine note that I see you, you're not alone, and there's another way to try new things that actually works for your high sensitivity.

If you're feeling stuck and ready to move forward with something new, give this week's episode a try.

I truly believe this is the key to getting what you want out of life, love, business, and anything else that's important to you.

Big, warm vibes your way -


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