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Using Intuition to Pivot Your Highly Sensitive Life

Hi, Highly Sensitive Person -

Have you ever had that moment when you're looking around at your life, and you have the job, the home, the family you want, financial security, and you want to feel grateful and blessed...

but you're still not feeling happy for some reason?

You climbed the life ladder.

You did everything that everyone told you was supposed to make you happy.

And something doesn't feel right.

You might feel tricked and resentful.

Maybe you turn it inward and get mad at yourself for having those feelings when you "should" feel great.

Or maybe you push down those emotions altogether because you don't know what to do or how to change any of it... you keep doing what you're doing, hoping something will change.

Here's the trick though (spoiler alert, it's the same trick I always talk about):

Happiness comes from within, not from without.

Which means you can literally choose to think and feel differently about the life you have now.

You also have the opportunity to take action to change things that aren't satisfying to you in your life.

The thoughts you're thinking, the feelings you're feeling, and the beliefs you're believing all come from inside you.

No matter what's going on in the outside world, you always have the option to change who you are and how you're being in the world.

My guest on The Highly Sensitive Club this week is Melissa Chavis, an Intuitive Coach and Mentor who also happens to be my friend, colleague, and fellow Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

She recently pivoted her successful, mompreneur coaching business in a whole new direction because she was willing to listen to her intuition about what would make her life most fulfilling and authentic.

And it's working!

Listen and / or watch to this week's episode on all the usual suspects:

We cover:

  • What it looks like to listen to your intuition, despite all the societal programming you've received until now. 

  • How showing up authentically and connecting in your unique way helps save you energy, time, and effort. 

  • Human Design and how your intuition, inner authority, and energy show up in this nuanced personality system.

When you can tap into your unique style of intuition and authority, magic happens.

Big, warm vibes -


P.S. tl;dr - if you're feeling unsatisfied or unhappy in your life despite having everything you're "supposed" to need or want, tapping into your intuition to make a pivot might be exactly the medicine you need.

Want to tap into your intuition more and create a delicious life as a HSP? Book a call with me. We'll talk about what you want, what's getting in your way, and how I can help you get through the tough stuff to get to your goals on the other side.

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